Course Reviews

"(We had heard) that we would be very impressed, and we were! I can't tell you how many staff members have spoken to me about what they learned and how pleased they are that we are going to be bringing this to (our school). I know that it will make a huge difference for our teachers, our parents and most importantly, our students."  -- Principal

“I have a student who increased two grade levels in reading and I believe this program helped him get there.” --Teresa, K-2 Teacher, CLAD, MA

"This is one of the best trainings I have had. I can't wait to implement my training." --Course Attendee

“I can't tell you how this knowledge has changed the way I teach and the questions I ask children before beginning to understand how they are learning. This September marks my 25th year as an educator.  I no longer feel burned out. My teaching is re-energized and so are the children in my class. The children become more...tolerant of each other's needs.” --Christine, Kindergarten Teacher

“This is a missing element in assessing students. Hands-on [training] provided a clear understanding.” --Course Attendee

“I can’t wait to implement visual skills training in my classroom.” -- J., Correctional Educator

“This should be a required part of teacher training in university schools of education.” -- Owen, Adult Learning

“I am amazed at the correlation between the results (of the Vision and Learning screening) and my own student data. Pardon the pun, but it has opened my eyes.” --Joseph, K-2 Teacher, CLAD

“(Most beneficial was) recognizing there is a missing element in assessing students.  (I would like) a follow up training after we have each conducted 6-10 student assessments. Awesome training!”--Course Attendee

“I had never looked at vision this way. It is a very good tool for teachers to help many children that fall through the cracks.” --Lucy, teacher

“My class is the kids who really struggle. Now to understand exactly why is really exciting, because I can do something about it.” --Brian, 6th Grade Teacher

“I look at my students differently now. One of the biggest things it's done for me is change my attitude toward my class.” --Devera, Teacher

“Fantastic training session.” -- Principal

“Excellent. I needed this training.” -- Teacher

“Thank you. The training was both enlightening and practical for immediate implementation.” --Edi, Teacher

“I realize the importance of early detection and I feel I could incorporate these strategies in my day.” --Carleto, teacher

“I highly recommend this training to teachers, parents, [community].” --Course Attendee

“I don't think I can go back to the way I used to teach anymore, knowing how much [being aware of how vision affects learning] helps the students.” --Barbara, Learning Specialist

"This is an exciting opportunity to assist students in a new way. I am thrilled to be a part of it!" --Course Attendee

“It's a wonderful tool that helps me explain to parents and other teachers what is "going on" with this particular child and how to develop the correct course of action.” --Rhanda, Resource Specialist

“. . . it's definitely less frustrating as a teacher to know that it's the way their eyes and their brains are interacting together. It's not just them (and their personalities). These kids aren't just goof-offs.” --Karen, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Dramatic demonstrations. Fascinating topic.” -- Teacher

“Great information. Well worth the time.” -- Teacher

“In addition to being so informative and helping me pinpoint my child's difficulties, (This) helped me to understand that these activities really can make a difference.” --Kris, parent

“It was all quite good. It will help my students. Thank you!” -- Fran, teacher

“[This is] vital!” --Course Attendee

“Thank you so much! This is a valuable tool that has been in the background for years”. --Course Attendee

“Thank you–the training was both enlightening and practical for immediate implementation.” --Course Attendee

“I realize the importance of early detection and I feel I could incorporate these strategies throughout my day.” --Course Attendee

"Our whole class and guests want to express our gratitude and delight with the program you presented to the class." --Course Attendee

“This was so interesting and useful. I would love to learn even more.” --Course Attendee

“Knowledgeable presenter. Very informative. Fast paced.” -- Course Attendee

“Excellent information. Would have liked the two days to be closer together.” -- Course Attendee

"This is usable - and necessary!" --Course Attendee

"It was great to know that there is another reason kids aren't getting the reading that is completely fixable. The strategies we can implement will help the children so much.” --Course Attendee

“Great program that can be very beneficial!” --Course Attendee

“Thank you for coming to our school and training!” --Course Attendee

“The parents were absolutely thrilled because they knew their child was smart, they knew their child was capable.  They did not know why the student couldn’t learn.” -- Annie V., Principal


Note: University evaluation forms do not require attendees to include their name.

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