Frequently Asked Questions


How do I receive a Continuing Education Unit?
Two courses equal one CEU. Following completion of each course be certain to take the closing quiz and email it to your instructor. You must also register and pay online for your unit. Upon enrollment a link to the university that certifies our courses will be emailed to you with further instructions. Please be sure to inquire with the appropriate agencies to ensure that a unit offered through an accredited Western Association of Schools and Colleges university is acceptable for your educational purposes.

How do I get Professional Development Hours?
Most districts will grant professional development hours for courses offered by an accredited university. Ask your district to verify eligibility.

How do I get a Transcript or Certificate of Completion?
If your organization requires a Certificate of Completion, Contact Us with your request. Be sure to include your confirmation order number. Transcripts are only available from the credit provider. Detailed information is located on your Optional Credit Registration Form, which you received with your purchase.

What does it cost?
Course fees are listed in the Enrollment Cart. An additional fee must be paid directly to the university to receive a continuing education unit. Two course fees combined with the separate CEU filing fee approximates the amount paid by educators who attend the all-day classes in person at the universities. Those taking the course for professional development hours do not pay the additional university fee. Check with your district to see if they plan to offer these courses. A district purchase or Group Discount may further reduce or eliminate your costs.

How long does it take?
Each course is the equivalent of one-half day at a university site, or five professional development hours (PDH). The courses are comprised of approximately three video course hours with another one to two hours of off-line assignments. Those not taking the courses for credit are not required to complete the off-line assignments or graded final exam.

How do I login to see my course?
You will choose a user name, password, when joining, and instructions will be emailed upon enrollment. There is a limit on the number of times you may login. Remember that either closing down your browser, refreshing your browser, or navigating to another page will cause the loss of one of your login credits.

I’m having trouble viewing the course. What do I do?
Review the Support section of this site for more information.

Do I need to purchase the course materials to receive a unit?
No. The continuing education units or professional development hours are granted without purchasing course materials.

Can I buy the materials separately? Are there rights restrictions?
The materials are not available for purchase separate from the courses. There is an option to purchase the courses with materials. The materials purchase grants the user the right to duplicate the Vision Assessment tool and Screening Materials as needed for use with up to 25 students or one classroom location only. Site licenses for duplication at your entire location are available for an additional fee.

Do your courses replace therapy?
No. Although therapists frequently take our courses, many occupational, physical, and vision therapists work in the medical field with developmental optometrists and doctors trained to use special equipment, lenses, prisms and normed assessments. Our courses are for educational purposes. If you are seeking a professional therapist there are many websites you may wish to visit, among them:,,,,,

Do your courses identify who belongs in special education?
No. Although many special education teachers take the courses to assist in identifying a hidden problem or explaining processing issues to parents, our assessment information is not normed and therefore inappropriate for placement purposes.

Do the Vision and Learning courses require special equipment or computers?
No. The assessments use common office or household items such as pen, paper, ruler.

Are your courses for a specific age group?
Because the brain has plasticity all age groups can develop their sensory processing skills.

What do your courses have to do with eyesight or 20/20 vision?
Our courses are concerned with sensory processing and the brain. We do not address eyesight, diseases of the eye, or other medical issues.

Doesn’t a school eye exam identify these problems?
Most school vision screenings only assess for 20/20 eyesight.

What is your Privacy Policy.
We greatly value your privacy. Review our policy here.