3-D Viewing

If you or someone you know experienced headaches, nausea, fuzzy vision, or burning eyes when viewing Avatar or other 3-D movies, this can be a sign of an Eye Teaming problem. Optometrists have described the problem as a “minor muscle imbalance” in the eyes that the brain would adjust for on a normal basis. When viewing 3-D movies or television, this imbalance can cause significant effort for the brain, resulting in headaches and eye strain. The 3-D experience may not even be possible for those who already have a depth perception problem or a "turned" eye.
According to Consumer Reports, as many as 15% of people are uncomfortable viewing 3-D media. The attention to this issue is helping more people to learn about Eye Teaming problems that can cause the same headaches, nausea, fuzzy vision, or burning eyes when reading or doing other near-point work. The Vision and Learning course series covers Eye Teaming, how to recognize and screen for a problem, and what you can do about it.